Survey Results: Consumers Want Sustainable Products

You might be thinking, "Duh. Of course they do!" but this is actually a massive shift from just a few years ago. In 2019 prior to the pandemic we asked consumers if they were looking for good quality, sustainable products and 30% of the 5700 respondents said they either didn't know enough about this to tell the difference or they were not interested in this.

In April 2022 we asked this same question, this time to over 6,400 consumers and 96.2% of respondents said this was something they looked for when purchasing a new product for the first time.

Here's another big jump we noticed. In 2014 we asked 2,000 members from our ChickAdvisor community how important natural and/or organic products were to them. At the time at least 40% of respondents said this was not important to them at all. Now look at this:

Yep. Ingredients matter more than ever. But there's a few things holding consumers back that brands should be aware of:

1. There is a perception among consumers that natural and/or sustainable products are more expensive. Price is still the #1 factor.

2. Convenience/Availability is a very close second. If your products aren't where they are shopping, they are less likely to buy.

3. And the third factor is there is still this perception (totally wrong in my opinion), that natural and/or sustainable products are somehow less effective. Marketers, you know what to do here!

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