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Butterly is software that enables brands to connect with their fans. Brands can use Butterly for surveys, Advocacy programs and sampling. By joining Butterly you can share your feedback directly with the brands you love.

Click 'Join a Community/Login' at the top of this page and fill out your details to set up your account

Your personal information will never be shared without your explicit consent. We do not hide consent in a cookie or privacy policy. If you are providing your information to a brand on Butterly, your information will only be shared with that brand. For more information please check out our privacy policy

Once logged in, use the edit button to the left of your profile picture to edit your profile. This includes changing your picture, updating your password, and editing your email address.

Under the Edit section, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a “delete profile” link. Please note that once you delete your profile it cannot be recovered.

We will notify you by email shortly after the application period has closed. We only notify people who have been selected. Please check your spam filter to be sure you are not missing our emails. You can also check in your Butterly profile under "My Campaigns" to see if you have been chosen for anything

There are many people who apply for these opportunities and signing up does not guarantee you will be selected. Please be patient and you will hopefully be chosen soon!

Each time there is a new opportunity to apply for, you will receive an email. You can also check in your member profile on Butterly under “New Opportunities” to see what opportunities are currently open for applicants. If you choose not to apply for a certain opportunity, you will not be considered. If you do apply, you have a chance of being picked. Not everyone who applies will be selected.

There is no limit to the number of times you may be selected for an opportunity. Keep your account in good standing by remembering to complete all of the required activities each time you are selected. Posting great quality reviews and social posts helps a lot!

Your reviews help us and our brand partners gain valuable insights into the products you try. They may also be used in whole or in part for marketing campaigns and/or syndicated onto retailer websites. By publishing a review with us, you agree to these terms. For more information please check out our privacy policy

You can unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email you receive. If you unsubscribe, you will no longer be informed of future free product offers.

If you have been selected in the past, be sure to complete all required tasks as outlined in your review instructions on time. Failure to do so may result in your account losing points and/or not being selected in the future.

If you have not been selected in the past, please keep applying and remember to answer all of the application questions truthfully. We thank you for your patience!

Points are earned as you participate in campaigns and opportunities. You can earn more points by submitting your reviews on time and submitting good quality reviews and/or social content.

We may send out some reminders during the review period to those who have not yet completed their review(s). Extensions may be provided on these reminders for those who need a small amount of extra time. If you require significantly more time, please be aware that this may result in your account losing points.

We use the shipping address you provided during your application for that program. Next time you apply, be sure to use an address that is not likely to change within the near future. We cannot reroute your package after the application period has closed.

Please contact us by clicking on the button that was in your email letting you know you'd been selected so we can look into this for you. On that page is a place where you can report a negative reaction, malfunctioning product, or other product-related concerns.

If you post on social media for a campaign and delete your post later, you will lose points and your account will be affected.

Did you post your review(s) in a different location (e.g. a retail website, reviews website, social media, etc.)? We can only mark you off as complete if you review the product(s) using the links provided in the email we sent you.

Please contact us by clicking on the button that was in your email letting you know you'd been selected so we can look into this for you. On that page there is a place where you can indicate you did not receive your package or that your product(s) arrived damaged.

Advocates are selected based on a variety of factors, and social media is one component. There will be some campaigns that you may not qualify for, but there are several opportunities that are available to those who do not want to post on social media.

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