Why the name Butterly?

We like the colour yellow a lot.  Butter is yellow.

What is Butterly?

Butterly is ChickAdvisor Inc's new smooth like butter software solution! It enables you to build your brand community and activate them to fuel the growth of your brand.  Use Butterly to:

  • Acquire new fans and collaborate with your existing database
  • Launch and manage hyper targeted ratings & reviews campaigns
  • Deploy consumer surveys and gather insights in real time.
  • Conduct focus groups or private review programs!

How much does Butterly cost?

It's a flat fee per year and you can run unlimited campaigns.  Enterprise pricing starts at $12,875 per year.

For any sampling programs, there is a quote process built into Butterly to get you the best possible price from your warehouse partner to box up and ship your samples.

What is the relationship between Butterly and ChickAdvisor?

On February 28, 2020 ChickAdvisor Inc had a baby. Weighing in at 0 lbs, 0 oz, Butterly entered the world just in time for COVID-19!

Butterly is an easy to use technology based on the ChickAdvisor's 14 years of creating campaigns for Tier 1 brands, but using your own community or email subscribers so you can own the data 100%!

Cool, eh?

Where do Butterly reviews go?

Butterly is fully connected to review syndicates such as Bazaarvoice.  Your community adds the reviews using our fully white-labeled hub and they automagically appear both in your Butterly dashboard and your Bazaarvoice workbench. 

For brands not connected to Bazaarvoice, we can also offer customized review feeds that appear directly on your brand site. We are also working on integrations with other review syndicates. Stay tuned!

Is my consumer data safe in Butterly?

We know the importance of data privacy and Butterly is built with that specifically in mind.

Butterly has two-factor authentication, Google reCAPTCHA and is backed by our highly skilled team of nerds. All data is securely stored on the cloud, fully encrypted.

Who runs the programs on Butterly?

You can, we can or your agency can.

The cheapest way is to DIY (it's really easy), or let our team or your agency manage it for you and you can log in any time to view your results.

Who should I contact if I want to learn more?

Email us at [email protected]. We'd love to show you a demo!

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