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Collaborate with your favourite brands on Butterly and discover new ones! Join their communities to participate in offers like these:

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or Social Programs

Partner with brands on Instagram and/or TikTok through the content you create.

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(Formerly known as ChickAdvisor's "Product Review Club")

Try new products from brands in exchange for your honest reviews.

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Get access to exclusive offers and coupons you can take advantage of.

Surveys and more!

Help brands launch the best possible products by telling them what you really want!

How it Works

Joining Butterly Communities is fun, easy, and free! Here's how to get started:

New Opportunities

WaterWipes Canada
Product Review Opportunity for: WaterWipes 2024 Campaign
Apply Now!
Enso Granola
Product Review Opportunity for: Enso Pistachio & Sea Salt Granola Campaign
Apply Now!
Product Review Opportunity for: FoodSaver campaign 2024
Apply Now!
Crown Labs (Canada)
Product Review Opportunity for: PanOxyl PM Blemish Brightening Patches - Summer 2024
Apply Now!
Groupe SEB
Product Review Opportunity for: T-fal Infrared Air Fryer Campaign
Apply Now!
Voila by Sobeys
Try Voilà grocery delivery, with up to $85 in savings plus free delivery! Voila Alberta 2024
Apply Now!

Brands Looking for Advocates

Everist Canada
Join the Everist Community!
Join Now!
Exzell Pharma
Looking for Product Testers!
Join Now!
Grown Alchemist
Join the Grown Alchemist Community
Join Now!
Church & Dwight Canada
Join the Church & Dwight Community!
Join Now!
Kenvue Canada
Kenvue Canada Survey
Join Now!
Join the 3M Canada Community!
Join Now!
Crown Labs (Canada)
Join the Crown Laboratories Community!
Join Now!
Philips Canada
Join The Philips Community!
Join Now!

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